Vision and Goals

  • Publish a Global White Paper on Building Stroke Thrombectomy Access : A call to action for health policy makers and government officials in different regions of the world. Draft completed and presented on February 2020.
  • Creation of Global Executive Committee of Stroke Neurologists/ Interventional Radiologists, Neurosurgeons and Stroke Coordinators to identify region specific barriers to mechanical thrombectomy access. GEC currently has representation from over 40 countries.
  • Develop and disseminate stroke patient journey materials directed towards healthcare workers and communities at large to be freely used for Stroke education. Information made available on our webpage.
  • Develop educational material aimed towards training EMS personnel to correctly identify stroke patients who could be candidates for Mechanical thrombectomy. Basic and Advanced Stroke Emergency Support courses available from SVIN.
  • Accelerate and assist regional organizations in developing training programs for mechanical thrombectomy globally. In process.
  • Develop an innovative payment methodology for paying for Emergency Stroke Thrombectomy.