Mechanical Thrombectomy Data Collection Application

Global Thrombectomy Tracking (GTT) App functions on a mobile electronic device platform such as the Android or the iOS and available for download on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. There is no cost associated with the download or use, but a mobile-data plan or an internet connection will be required for download.  An internet-based platform of the GTT App is available online at

Information collected using the GTT App is mainly limited to the name of the Interventionalist, name of the hospital where procedure is performed, clinical severity of the ischemic stroke, location of the occlusion in the pre-cerebral or cerebral blood vessel and the mechanical thrombectomy procedure.

Patient-related information collected is limited to age and gender. NO protected health information (PHI) such as name, date of birth, address, contact information, etc. will be collected (please see below for details). 

  1. Name of the Hospital (required)
  2. Gender (M / F)
  3. Age (in years)
  4. Occlusion site
  5. Date of thrombectomy procedure
  6. NIHSS score (0-42)
  7. Onset to ED arrival time (minutes) (optional)
  8. Door to puncture time (minutes)
  9. Due to recanalization time (minutes)
  10. Discharge mRS (0-5)
  11. 90-day mRS (0-5)
  12. TICI recanalization grade (required)
  13. Symptomatic hemorrhage (Yes / No)
  14. Other (case description) (optional)

NIHSS: National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale, ED Emergency Department, mRS modified Rankin Score, TICI Thrombolysis in Cerebral Infarction, MT Mechanical Thrombectomy