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RELEASE OF WHITE PAPER: Mechanical Thrombectomy for Acute Stroke-Building Stroke Thrombectomy Systems of Care in Your Region: Why & How?

MT2020 GEC Holds Successful Stroke Coordinator Meeting

The MT2020 GEC held it’s first meeting with over 40 Stroke Coordinators and representatives from across the United States and areas from around the globe including: Latin and South America, Asia, Middle East, and Northern Africa. Access to the presentations are available here: Stroke Coordinator Presentations from May 27, 2020.

February 29, 2020: MT2020 activities launched in Colombia

Welcome presentation for the meeting

February 18, 2020: MT2020 Held a Global Executive Committee Meeting at ISC in Los Angeles

The event included a premier of the white paper on Stroke Mechanical Thrombectomy for policymakers and presentations from neurointerventionists around the globe.  The program also included a presentation from Tom Fischer from the Angels Initiative. 

Physicians and Industry Personnel at GEC Meeting

You can access the presentations here:

  1. Welcome address by Dr Dileep Yavgal
  2. Presentation on Angels initiative by Mr.Tom Fischer
  3. GEC Co-chair talk by Dr Andrew Demchuk
  4. GEC Co-chair talk by Dr Thomas Leung
  5. MT2020 GEC update by Dr Violiza Inoa
  6. Bottoms-up Input – Region-specific feedback on the status of stroke and MT:
  7. White Paper Reviewed: Stroke Mechanical Thrombectomy: Building Systems of Care in your Region; Why and How?