Statistics on MT

MT 2020 Pilot Survey

•33 short question questionnaire electronic survey on Qualtrics online platform

•Sent via link email to 207 senior member of SVIN (practicing Interventional and Stroke Neurologists)

•10-12 minute survey duration

•Survey conducted over 6 weeks from August-October 2018


•50 US respondents, 21 missed 1-6 questions

•Geo-location available from 28 respondents

Interventional Neurologists Estimated MT Access Scores 2018

LVO MT Access and Physical Access; Difference Between Urban and Rural p<0.01.  Financial Access: Difference Between Urban and Rural p<0.05

Estimates of Knowledge among Gatekeepers to Consistently Diagnose and/or Manage LVOs


1.As expected, estimated MT Access scores are significantly lower in rural US as compared to urban areas on all three pillars of MT access

2.MT experts appear to overestimate the the number of LVO’s getting thrombectomy in the US by several fold.

3.Physician and facility payment for MT in the US is perceived as inadequate by MT experts.